Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Today in Stupid Loan Offers: HSBC

Readers, I'm clearly a man people trust with their money. Sometimes, when I'm just minding my own business on a Friday night pole dancing at the Slipper Room or whatever, folks will actually approach me and put $20 in my G-string! Then later when I'm doing cartwheels on stage while holding a cockatoo and twirling a hula hoop around my neck people just start throwing money at me. Totally unprompted! Weird, right? Well, it's happening again, I guess. This morning I got an offer in my gmail for a loan from HSBC (screen grab above, click to enlarge) totaling $4,176.

You know, I may rely too heavily on the kindness of strangers handing me sweaty cash to pay my rent and buy my pearls, but I'll be damned if I'm going to resort to asking for money from a bank. That's just foolish.


Muzzle Mammoth said...

Really, I mean, really? Bailout? Credit crisis? The f#$@ing idiot mediocre student that the world ridiculed us for electing is on TV right now telling me that I need to spend my money to "loan" tax dollars to rescue overpayed executives from compensation reducion caused by overreaching idiots who wanted to pursue the American dream...oh, I am so angry.

Muzzle Mammoth said...

I meant reduction, not reducion. Reducion is the Spanish word and sometimes I get confused.