Monday, September 8, 2008

Jukebox: Eurythmics

Lord, Annie Lennox is a nut. She scared the crap out of me when I was a kid and saw her for the first time one Sunday night when I was upstairs in my parents bedroom secretly watching Solid Gold as they sat downstairs glued to 60 Minutes. Inexplicably, the patently inoffensive Marilyn McCoo introduced a song called "Love is a Stranger" and queued up the video, in which Annie Lennox plays a sensitive and damaged-looking blonde diva riding in the back of a limo who by the end of the video (only like 3 minutes!) and after several wig changes transforms into some sort of a slick retro-futuristic Prohibition-era gangster robo-lesbian-type. Oh just watch it. Anyway, my 12-year-old self just sat there in the dark mesmerized, murmuring, "This bitch is serious."

Well, Annie Lennox has never been more exquisitely off her rocker than in the video for bizarre latter-day Eurythmics single "Beethoven (I Love to Listen To)" from 1987, in which she plays an unhinged housewife who really just wants to be a drag queen. I've never understood this song and probably never will; all I know is it contains one of the best similes in pop music history:

"I was dreaming like a Texan girl.
A girl who thinks she's got the right to everything.
A girl who thinks she should have something extreme.

Oh just watch it. And as an added bonus, below is the video for "When Tomorrow Comes," the duo's poppiest ever song, and a fantastic display of '80s hair. The black backing singer's do is the result of a Cold War algorithm devised by Robert Oppenheimer in Los Alamos in 1943, but had never been tested until this video shoot. It could have been very dangerous if it had fallen into the wrong hands, but thankfully the Eurythmics just wanted to use it to rock our worlds and then Tom Cruise won the Cold War for us in 1989, so then everything was fine.

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