Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend Report 1: Coney Island

Hey kids, do you sometimes wish to visit the seashore for some sunshine, sand, and seashells without the dreaded tedium of being surrounded by smoking hot, sinewy, tanned, muscular physiques playing volleyball, slapping suntan oil on each others backs, and sliding their taut, glistening bodies in and out of the pulsating ocean waves? Then you should go to Coney Island, where the future of American Type II Diabetics is proudly on display, half-naked and dancing.

I'm just going to assume this guy's name is Bill. He looks like a Bill, no? Anyway, he's at the karaoke gazebo with a t-shirt on that says Psych Ward and he's singing, naturally, Lou Rawls' "You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine." The crowd freaking loves him.

Here's a gentleman with a series of snakes wrapped around his body and a parrot on his head.

Same guy, walking away disappointed because the chick in the bikini didn't take him seriously as an artist.


Me and a monster

Yes, that is a picture of Sponge Bob getting waterboarded by Squidward and saying "It don't GITMO better!" Sigh.

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