Sunday, September 21, 2008

How to Fill Up the Hours of Your Empty, Pointless Life: Yearbook Yourself

Last week, my best friend Dani—a gorgeous, leggy, Geena Davis-type—sent me a photo she had made on the website of herself as a high school boy in the 1950s, looking not unlike her father. This picture truly scrambled my brains. I had vicious, horrible nightmares that night. The next morning, after spending a good hour in the shower trying to scrape away the memories with Comet and Murphy's Oil Soap, I thought, "You know, I'd really like to give others—friends, relations, and random people who read this blog—the opportunity to be afraid to ever close their eyes at night again." So I made my way over to yearbookyourself and made some photos of myself through the ages. I made lots and lots (more than any sensible person really should have), so enjoy, and sweet dreams!

If you want to give the nightmares back, send me a picture and I'll promise not to ever look at it. (Seriously, send me a picture.)


Edmund said...

AAAAhhhh Ha ha ha ha, AAAAhhhh ha ha ha! oh boy... whew, uh ha ha ha...sigh, that shit was funny.

jimmy said...

seeing this makes me want you to grow a mullet. Also can you delete the photograph of me that shows the inside of my nose. Thanks.