Thursday, September 11, 2008

But What Does Ann Coulter's Neck Think About This Whole Sarah Palin Thing?

It just occurred to me what has been missing from this retarded campaign season, and I can't believe it has taken me this long: where on Earth is Ann Coulter's Neck and what does it think of this whole Sarah Palin thing?

Now, I don't have cable, but I do have a series of tubes in my computer that allows me to see short video clips from all across the media wasteland, and once upon a time, I could be assured that at least three times a week I would have the opportunity to see that Neck in all its writhing and veiny glory as it struggled to hold up Ann Coulter's Head while it was being interviewed.

But where is Ann Coulter's Neck now? I know it got into some trouble in Tokyo in the recent past, but that was a year ago. Is it still around and I'm just missing it amid all the sexy librarian glasses, pregnant teenagers, Mooses with Downs syndrome, 72-year-old fish senators wrapped in newspaper, and sexy pigs busting out of the woodwork? Surely that Neck has an opinion about Palin, the first Republican woman to ever sexually arouse a Republican man.

Come back, Ann Coulter's Neck. This campaign needs you to class it up a little.

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