Sunday, January 8, 2012

Oh Yeah, and Before We Move on to 2012, Tune in Tokyo Was Named One of Publisher's Weekly's Favorite Reads of 2011!

It's true. Capping off a great year for TiT, Publisher's Weekly swooped in at the last minute and made my Christmas. I LOVE the first sentence of this blurb, which is a backhanded compliment of the first order: "Since this is “favorite” rather than “best”, I’d single out Tune in Tokyo by Tim Anderson as a laugh aloud treat."

PW has been so kind to Tune in Tokyo over the past year, for which I extend my heartfelt ありがとうず。I'm available for guest columns, interviews, and topless centerfolds should the need arise, y'all. Just let me know!


Vexil77 said...

congratulations on the publication of your book, I just finished it. I am in the wholesale book business and get lots of freebies but I actually bought this one because of all the good reviews! Hope to see more from you in the future.

Meg said...

I just finished your book this evening. I LOVED it! I've lived in Japan for two years(2008-2010) and I'm getting ready to move back this summer. We're a military family and lived in Zushi-shi. I was really hoping you were still there so I could bribe you into letting me hang out with you in Tokyo by giving you a steady supply of Dt. Mr. Dew and Smores Pop Tarts. And I really, really wanted to take you to a fertility festival...did you ever go to one? I, like you, love the Daibutsu and went to Kamakura often. So, now that I sound like a stalker...are you ever planning on going back?