Friday, January 11, 2013

I Want Anything From This Shop As Long As It's This Merman

I was on my hang glider the other day, making the long trek down 5th Avenue from work to the Y (where I go to get myself clean, have a good meal, and do whatever I feel) and I touched down briefly in front of the darlingest shop near 26th Street next to the 7-Eleven. The store was clearly not ready to let December go, still gleefully decorated with random Christmas magic--it was all happy Santas, dancing elves, candy canes, apocryphal nativity scenes, tinsel, nutcrackers, plush Christmas animals, and sexy Mrs. Clause statues. What was the guiding principal of this shop? You'll have to ask someone else because I didn't get past the sexy mermen in the window.

This is, obviously, because the window display featured some serious figurine action up in it, and these figurines were... alluring. I don't know what God that merman celebrates during the holidays, but I'm pretty much ready to accept Him/Her as my personal lord and savior. Also, I know what I want for Christmas next year, or, alternatively, next Tuesday.