Wednesday, December 17, 2008

FIT Looking to Douche Up Its Student Body

Attention young readers who are also smug douches/failed reality show contestants that ride the subway: FIT wants you to bring your charming sense of entitlement to their classrooms. As this subway ad clearly shows, you may not have to be irritating and pretentious to attend, but it sure helps! And obviously your race or gender is not an issue, because women, men, blacks, whites, Asians, Latinos--anyone can be a dreary a**hole. So chop chop! Get yourself into some of your parents' grown-up clothes and get on down to the Fashion Institute of Technology, where a future full of nauseating the public with your tedious creativity awaits!

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princess kanomanom said...

Oh my god, this ad is so barfy. Ray and I saw it on the R the other month and barfed. (But not on each other!)