Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Book Expo 2014, You Guys: In Which I Sign Books and Maybe Look a Little Confused

So, you guys, my YA publisher, Charlesbridge, invited me to sign copies of my latest YA historical fiction novel Ocean of Fire at Book Expo in New York this past weekend, and I jumped at the chance. I was just a few booths down from Grumpy Cat, who has a new book that has already sold more copies than all human books combined, yet there was enough attention to go round--I was supposed to sign for two hours but we ran out of books in 30 minutes! Sure, they were free books, but still! Here, enjoy some photo evidence:

See? And I'm not even Lena Dunham! 

Now, you're probably asking yourself, "why isn't Tim signing copies of Sweet Tooth, his latest book for Amazon Publishing?" The answer is: well, apparently, Amazon Publishing doesn't see much value in having a booth at Book Expo, because why would you want to have your authors make appearances at a humongous trade show full of book lovers and book industry folks? So counterproductive! Better just to steer clear and hope for the best. So, yeah, no Sweet Tooth signing. :-(

Okay, okay, so here's your Grumpy Cat paparazzi picture, courtesy of me:

Also, I almost got blowed up by Boba Fett, for your sins.

So, all in all, a pretty decent Book Expo, except for the total absence of any hot Sweet Tooth action on the trade floor. Maybe it all happened in the toilets.

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Maddie the Movie Critic said...

I noticed that you're left-handed....So am I! Okay, that is all!