Friday, March 19, 2010

Jukebox: Santigold

Lights Out

Good God, I had to go all the way to MySpace to get this dang video. My Space, people. Who goes there?!

Anyway, the spring warmth has infected me with a thrilling and probably ill-advised optimism about my newly repaired bike, my cat, and the health care bill. This starry-eyed euphoria will come crashing down this weekend, surely, but in the mean time, let's just enjoy this infectious pop tune by the nice Santigold lady.


Wood Family said...

Agreed, a good song. "LES Artistes" is of course also good. And "I'm a Lady" is arguably very good.

But speaking as someone who was very recently trapped in a car, forced to listen to this album straight through?? TOO MUCH. Too much with the thin, almost-but-not-quite soulful vocal. Too much with the almost-but-not-quite hip-hop, almost-but-not-quite-dance music, almost-but-not-quite Bollywood, almost-but-not-quite a million other things. Santigold=Queen of the Shuffle.

Oh, and, yay they closed the donut hole. Life is totally great now and everything is better. Oh. Wait. Our company still can't afford our premiums. Hmm.

Wood Family said...

BTW, isn't the opening of LIghts Out ripped off from Our Lips Are Sealed? Or is it me? (On our 3-day road trip from Florida, we alternated between listening to Sirius 1st Wave and Santigold, so it may indeed be just me.)

Tim Anderson said...

HP Wood, bite your tongue! Santigold is my favorite black female 80s pop revivalist!

You're probably right about the "Our Lips Are Sealed" rip off. Our Santi has already copped to ripping off Siouxsie and the Banshees' "Red Light" for her "Superman" track.

I have a feeling that it may be partially my fault that you guys had to listen to so much Santigold. I drunkenly sang her praises to your hubby during my last visit. My deepest apologies...

Wood Family said...

Well, The Shuffle is not the worst country of which to be crowned queen.... I can only enjoy her in small doses, was my point. (Much like Mark's other girl-singer obsession, Dresden Dolls. OK OK, you're mad that you missed Weimar, we get it. Now please get dressed.)

But yes, this is SO TOTALLY YOUR FAULT!!! Mark confessed as much. Damn you. As punishment, you are hereby forbidden from ever, EVER saying the word "Goldfrapp" in presence of my husband.

Seriously. I will hurt you.

Not kidding.

Tim Anderson said...

My lips are sealed. Goldfrapp will be very disappointed. :(

I fear, though, that the Goldfrapp call is already coming from INSIDE YOUR HOUSE. Didn't I put one of her songs on one of the CDs I made you guys? Turn the ringer off!!