Thursday, November 12, 2009

Good Lord, This Carrie Prejean

You know how when you see a big blond train wreck full of blood and guts and lipgloss and confetti you just can't look away? Because it is just so dazzling? Well that big blond train wreck, professional former pageant walker and fake boob display case Carrie Prejean, visited Larry King last night and set CNN ablaze with cagey bitchiness. Larry King is the talk show host known for never asking a question more probing than "And how was your day?" but Carrie obviously thinks that this is an inappropriate question, because why is Larry King such a victimizer?

Well Carrie is having none of this, so she takes her microphone off and starts chatting to an imaginary friend off camera. But like any child of God, she can't bring herself to just stand up and leave, because then how would she be filmed? And how will she spread her message of Christian sex tapes? So she just sits there and whines without a microphone but refuses to go away. Shouldn't a lady with a French last name be more sophisticated?

Carrie Prejean is totally ready to be our next vice president.


edwardbruce said...

Prejean. What a great name. Maybe I should start defining myself in relation to a material. Anteneoprene. Postvelcro.

Anonymous said...

You will enjoy this

riya manna said...
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Wood Family said...

Best part:

Larry: can you hear me?
Carrie: no, I can't hear you.

What the what?