Wednesday, November 19, 2008

See Tim Recommend: The American Family Association's Burning Christmas Cross

It's that time of year again, when we must prematurely celebrate the reason for the season, Santa Jesus, who died on the cross four score and seven years ago for the sins of many elves, some of whom were nasty gays. And what better way to celebrate this merriest of seasons than to twirl on down to the American Family Association's online store and purchase a burning Christmas cross for your front stoop? I mean, what, are you gonna let your neighbor pretend that he loves Santa Jesus more than you do?

There's just something so beautiful and timely about the availability of a "burning" Christmas cross from the AFA, at this defining moment. After all, the burning cross is a symbol of freedom, matches, and bountiful lighter fluid, three things that are in such short supply these days thanks to our new socialist (and black!) overlord.

Y'all, this cross is 5 feet tall, so what are you waiting for? America's front yards are not gonna set fire to themselves.

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