Saturday, June 2, 2012

Holy Sh*tsnacks! Tune in Tokyo Hits #2 on the Wall Street Journal's E-book Nonfiction List!

Well this was unexpected! It appears that last week's download-a-palooza over at Amazon in light of the Kindle Daily Deal designation for Tune in Tokyo has somehow led to its being listed on an actual non-Amazon list, hooray! Sure, next week the book will probably have dropped to # a million, but so what/who cares, amiright? This is a day to celebrate the little guy (me) sitting pretty seven slots above the big guy (Bill O'Reilly) who works for Satan's own network (FOX News, duh). Does this mean that Jesus really loves me and thinks Bill is just terrible?

Maybe it does. But just for this week, probably.


Chad said...

I just plowed through this. Congrats on the rating!

My wife found the book and said we should read it. We both lived in Osaka back in the late 90's. And have found most of your adventuresome par with ours. The psycho Ron being one of the stand out differences.

I've told our Aussie friends who also taught with us at a school much like MOBA,they should read this. I think a few others will be picking this up as well.

Congrats again!

Chad said...


My wife found this, and we've both plowed through it. Very reminiscent of our time in Osaka teaching for a large school (probably MOBA).

It was a bit like time travel...

I sent this on to friends in Australia who taught with us. It might make its way through our late 90's network of former teachers in Osaka.

Good luck, former alien!