Saturday, June 16, 2012

Gay Nuptials Dept: Jimmy and I Celebrate Our Hilarious Coupling

I know that all three of my readers are dying to see some photos from me and Jimmy's wedding party, which took place last weekend, so here we go. Just to review: Jimmy and I have been together for fifteen years, but we just tied the knot this February and finally celebrated on June 9. The above shot is one of our "official" wedding photos, because we are wearing the required T-shirts. Here are some candid shots from the event!

Cutting the cake, just like the breeders do.

Listening to the toasts. It's fun to be glorified!

Enough said.

This cake was sickeningly good, made by our good friend Rachel Roth. We're still making our way through it. One serving has a full day's supply of Vitamin Q.

Who makes a cutiepie groomsman? Who does? Who? Who makes a cutiepie groomsman? Who is it? Really, kid, what's your name? (Just kidding, it's Colin and he was the cutest boy at the party.)


Our guestbook, gift table, and photo spread.

Pizza and pasta from Carmine's in Brooklyn, our favorite restaurant. Tons of leftovers and that's fine because you haven't lived until you've had meat lasagna for breakfast.

When wedding photography gets artistic...

Okay, here is a moment to cherish. Friends asked my momma to sing a song, and so after some cajoling she was persuaded to entertain us. She sang a Puccini aria and floored everyone. It was the most amazing moment of the day (one of the most amazing moments of my life, actually), and I'm so happy I got it on film. The reactions of my friends Sarah (flower dress) and Neal (lilac shirt) are priceless.

This will be the cover of her first album, obviously.

We had to be drunk for this one, because we're usually not very good at PDAs. This was taken a few hours after the party at Metropolitan, a gay bar down the road from Carmine's. Just goes to show you that if you give us enough vodka we'll give you a show.

Stella was pissed that we left her at home and all she got was this bouquet of flowers.

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Rachell Roth said...

I like the picture of Stella the best! She's my main (wo)man. Thanks for the shout out and posting my pics!