Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Balderdash Report

Like all Americans, I spent my Thanksgiving crippling myself with turkey, carbs, and vodka/diet cherry 7ups. Also, I played Balderdash with friends. For the uninitiated, Balderdash is a game where you must write a fake definition to a real word and fool your fellow players into thinking it's the correct definition. My boyfriend Jimmy is really good at this game, as you can see from the definition of furfur he provided above. Believe it or not, furfur does not mean "with furvor [sic] but more." It is "an epidermal scale, as that associated with dandruff." But I'm going to start using it to mean "with furvor [sic] but more" regardless.

Next up, the word hawhdah. What do you think this means? If you guessed this thing that Jimmy wrote, you are wrong!

I don't remember what hawhdah actually means and can't find it on the Google machine, but use it in a sentence anyway!

1 comment:

Rachell Roth said...

you gotta spell howdah correctly to find it on google, bitch.