Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This Man's Thumb Has Been Where Yours and Mine Could Only Dream of Going

British Foreign Secretary William Hague and his thumb are a very busy man. Oh, and there's his aide Christopher Myers, with whom he has maybe been stone cold gettin' it on, in a gay way, probably all day long while Great Britain burns, or whatever.

Full disclosure: THIS IS JUST A NASTY RUMOR! Hague has denied the affair and proclaimed himself married. His aide has resigned. Nothing to see here. Except the above picture, which was just too good to not put on this blog. (Sorry, Mr. Hague. Call me, Mr. Myers.)

(Hat tip HilaryWrites for the hawt photo.)


jimmy said...

Mr Meyers could be one of those new vampire shows

jimmy said...

I'll see your thumb and raise you a forefinger