Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Why Does Germany's Der Spiegel Hate the Freedom Agenda?

Good news for all you America-haters out there. Der Spiegel has a pretty depressing article about the flatlining of American supremacy, yay! Entitled "The End of Arrogance" (yeah right; Germans are so naive), it starts by saying George W. Bush is a tired little monkey with no clout or shit to throw around and then sets out a blistering indictment of every single thing the United States has done wrong in the recent past, according to representatives of every other country on the planet. Also, it details how much every single person at the United Nations just haaaaaaaates George Bush. Oh, also, Asia will eventually swallow America whole, so get out those English-to-Chinese dictionaries, flunkies.

Obviously, it's a very long article.

George W. Bush is adorable when he's exhausted and impotent.


Kelly said...

Maybe it's because nobody at der spiegel has ever sampled those "spirit of america" little debbie snacks you're holding in the photo. The freedom agenda is a lot more palatable when it's packaged with about 3,000 grams of sugar and lots of preservatives. I love that photo.

Muzzle Mammoth said...

I'm just wondering if PETA is aware that you are maligning that poor primate and insulting his intelligencce by suggesting that he resembles Bush?

平平 said...