Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Breaking: McCain Has Muslim Supporters

Holy sh*t, y'all. This video is all kinds of awesome—so much fun to watch with your eyeballs. I'm still kind of reeling at the idea of McCain having any Muslim supporters left, especially after that "Obama-isn't-an-Arab-he's-a-decent-family-man" gaffe a few weeks ago. 

This video is all about smug hillbillies in Virginia and the Muslims who call their sh*t out (and the cool Christians that back them up). My favorite part is the silly bitch holding the offending Obama bumper sticker—which depicts the word "CHANGE" using the Islamic crescent for the "C" and the Soviet sickle for the "G"—talking about not wanting to speak to the press because of media distortion. Ha, ha. She's dumb.

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