Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Cold Dead Heart Beats Again: Singing, Dancing Children

You know, amid all the $150,000 shopping sprees, the new red-baiting McCain campaign narrative, the foiled neo-Nazi murder plots, the increasingly hostile McCain-Palin Nuremberg rallies, and Joe the Pretend Plumber trying to talk foreign policy, I've been trapped under a deluge of political bullshit that stinks to high heaven and have really lost sight of what's really important this campaign season: children dancing! Happily! Without being called commie welfare terrorist sympathizers!

The above video melted my cold bitter heart and allowed it to beat again. It's the kids from the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta performing "You Can Vote However You Like," a parody of the song "Whatever You Like" by some youngster named TI.

The cutest thing is how bipartisan they are in the song, even though you know for a fact that all of them are totally in the tank for Obama.

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