Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Laydeez I Love: Donna Brazil

Oh, Donna. How you move me. Not only do you have the coolest name in politics (it just rolls off the tongue), but you really come through when your public needs you. I was feeling pretty angry and low on Monday after the Grand Wizardress of the GOP, Sarah Palin, held a bunch of Klan rallies over the weekend encouraging all her angry followers to act on their illogical hatred of the smart black guy running against her and her dangerous and aggressively stupid grandpa. No doubt Donna, the best Democratic strategist there ever was, was angry too. But look at her in this clip, sitting on a panel at the New Yorker festival, classing up the joint with her homespun wisdom and flashes of earthy anger at the direction this election has taken.

You made my day, Ms. Brazil, and I love you for it. I love your power suits. I love your food metaphors. I love your freaking gorgeous silver hair. I love your steadiness in the face of the gathering retard storm swelling around you.

And sometime soon, somehow, somewhere, I want you to allow yourself the privilege of rolling up those sleeves, cracking those stiff knuckles, winding up that powerful forearm, and smacking the living sh*t out of that uppity flaming c*nt pretending to be a real vice presidential candidate. You've earned it.

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nathanw160 said...

Donna I Enjoy Watching You On Cnn
I Am A 65 year Old White Man Democrat, And I Have Seen Some Pretty Good Looking Women In My Day
And You Are the Most Beautiful Woman On Television.

Love You