Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Just So You Know, This Blog is Now Kind of a Big Deal

Tim Gunn is a big fan

I just thought my four regular readers should know that See Tim Blog is now, officially, kind of a big deal. A mere half hour after publishing yesterday’s post about NYC newscaster Sue Simmons saying “f**k” during an 11 o’clock news teaser and how it has really made me rethink my fantasy dinner date with such a loose cannon, someone at the New York Times whose job it is to see what the retards online are saying about the previous nights’ big stories happened upon my blog and linked to it. (Thanks, Emily S. Rueb, editress of the Times’ City Room Blogtalk blog roundup!) Click the above image to see my name in lights.

And I hear from a reliable source (my boyfriend, who only occasionally makes shit up) that Kathie Lee Gifford, on the Today Show was just decrying “the bloggers” for giving Simmons a hard time. “Trust me,” she insisted. “She’s a great person to have dinner with.” That’s an indirect reference to my blog, which is sooo much better than a direct reference! (Less tawdry.)

So a clarification is obviously in order. I still love Sue Simmons like I love my luggage. I love her all the more for her cussin'. She can float the f-bomb by me any day. And I’m totally gonna take her to my next bar fight. In fact, I’m going to ask that she start my next bar fight.


Tim Anderson said...
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Janet Reid said...

Tim, please let me know when that bar fight is so I can come rescue the Scotch.