Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hillary Once Again Snags Non-Sexist White Racist Vote; Oregon Hates Women, Coddles Blacks

Once again, Hillary Clinton, female, has won the coveted hearts of proud white racists, this time in the melting pot of Kentucky. According to exit polls, 3 out of 10 Kentuckians gleefully admitted that they voted against Barack Obama because he's a black. Good thing these same people aren't sexist, like the media! Also, it's a shame that there just aren't that many more proud white racist strongholds left where Hillary can prove her superior candidacy. Montana's kind of racist, but is it racist enough? Then, of course, there's Puerto Rico, where the racist white person voting block is negligible. Clinton's strategy, though, is to bank on Puerto Ricans still hating black people. Hopefully they're not also sexist, like the media and all the people who haven't voted for her.

The Village Voice's Allison Benedikt has an excellent article here that examines how this campaign has been so unabashedly sexist but not racist at all. Money quote:

And Hillary’s lapping it up. Confirming in today’s Washington Post that the primary campaign has been sexist (but not racist), Clinton complains—states/notes/ declares—that there’s been a “disservice because we have broad coalitions of voters who have voted for me who make up the base of a winning campaign in November that I think want to see this end up with my being nominated." Translation: "This is unfair and sexist, because my voters clearly want to see me nominated. And if I'm not nominated, a disservice has been done to my voters." What makes it really unfair is that she’s losing by every measure and we still won’t let her win. Classic misogyny.

It's such a shame when the only thing that people distrust/dislike about you is your gender. (I mean, what else could it be?!) So unfair.