Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Shootin' It: In Which Jimmy and Tim Briefly Discuss the Issues of Our Times

Jimmy: So did you see that clip from The View?

Tim: You mean with Ann Coulter's Neck?

J: Yeah.

T: Mmm-hmmm.

J: They kind of tore her a new one.

T: Yeah, I guess, but why doesn't anyone ever call her on her moralizing bullshit? I mean, I know there's tons of stuff to call her on, but Ms. Small Government was on the Mike Hukabee show the other day talking about the evils of sodomy and how the government should stop people from doing it because, I guess, Jesus says so. Why doesn't anyone ask her if she's a virgin? She's not married. She's nearly 80 years old. We all know she's had all sorts of nasty sex, even with Democrats. So why the fuck is she moralizing about sodomy? Jesus God may not like sodomy, but he's pretty much on record saying he disapproves of dumb whores having premarital sex.

J: Wait. Guys want to fuck her?

T: Yes! Bill Maher fucked her, that nasty pig.

J: Wow. Probably in the ass, too.

Thank you, goodnight!

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