Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Michelle Obama: First Lady of Dancing

Fellow citizens, the day has finally come, after so many depressing years, when the First Lady of the United States will finally return to the White House the ideals of fantastic dancing. Sure, it's a little weird to watch this video of Michelle Obama dancing with her two daughters at her birthday party, surreptitiously filmed by the AP. It's always awkward to watch adults dance with children. They usually look like goons.

But what I take away from this video is the conviction that Michelle Obama is not going to be reduced to awkward, gangly pre-teen dance moves just because of the crowd she's rolling with. No, no. She can't hide what she is. And what she is is a dancing mom the nation can be proud of. Suck on that, Barbara Bush.

Our great country has not seen dancing this true, this solid, this important, since Eleanor Roosevelt introduced a scandalous high kick and jazz hands into the fox trot in 1933.

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