Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Obama Gives a Crap

So you thought Christmas was over, but WRONG, baby Jesus haters, I ain't done with it yet--thanks to dedicated See Tim Blog reader and Bizarre Foreign Traditions operative Muzzle Mammoth. Ms. Mammoth sent me this heartwarming story about a gift she got from her in-laws, who were recently in Spain:

"According to Spanish lore, it's very important to have a figure of someone taking a dump in your Nativity scene. Apparently it's important b/c the pooping figure symbolizes fertilization of the Earth that comes from manure (ok, human manure actually doesn't do much to fertilize the earth and actually produces methane gas, but that's a different category altogether.) And supposedly it's bad luck to leave out the pooping figure.

"Anyway, so they gave Carlos a pooping figure for his/our Nativity scene and it's Obama taking a big huge dump and on the front of the figure it says...'Yes, we can.'"

Well, this is absolutely the cutest little figurine of a person taking a dump that I have ever seen--even cuter than the figurine I bought Jimmy in Japan that lies on its stomach and holds incense in its butthole.

Tell us more about this place called Spain, Ms. Mammoth!


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