Monday, January 12, 2009

They Made This?: New Renee Zellwegger Movie New In Town

Yikes. I've been meaning to start a new series here at the ole blog, one focused on stuff that people have taken the time to create, develop, and release into the marketplace that, when you see the evidence that it is forthcoming, you just can't believe your eyes. They made that?! you ask yourself.

Well, first on the docket is sweet-tart-faced Renee Zellwegger and her bland new movie, New in Town. Let me take a stab at a plot synopsis: she's a big city girl who just loooooves shoes and she somehow ends up in some podunk town in a northern clime full of zany characters who ultimately challenge our shallow but endearing heroine's preconceptions of rural America and she gets a good deep dickin' from some hot flannel-wearing guy named Bo with two left hands (literally), who convinces her that she's been wrong for so long about everything. Or something.

This movie looks awful, and that is all.

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Unknown said...

And then she gives makeovers to all the ladies in town so they look more like her.