Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What Does Ashton Kutcher Do In This Nikon D60 Commercial That Couldn't Be Done By a Monkey?

Ashton Kutcher is handsome. Sure. He looks good in a suit. Yes. Even a light gray suit. Ok. BUT. What does he do in this new Niko D60 commercial that, in all honesty, couldn't be accomplished by a trained monkey? He looks at his camera. He takes photos. He gives the thumbs up. He knocks over a bunch of champaign glasses. He--ugh--says "Boo Yah." All skills that can be easily acquired by any workaday primate. So why does Nikon insist on spending good money on a uselessly hot slab of meat like Kutcher?

You know, there are some really handsome monkeys out there that need jobs.

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