Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Camera Phone Will Not Be Denied: Ladytron at Terminal 5

All those kids half my age at the Ladytron show at Terminal 5 last night who couldn’t go five seconds without taking a high resolution photo with their fancy nice cameras? I hate them.

There was one boy, not a day over 16, who was simultaneously taking a picture, talking into his cell phone, and swinging his arm around in the “rock on” fashion that, I guess, kids do these days. How did he do all that at once? Did he have three arms? Can he not just watch and dance without overcommitting himself? Then I saw that he had huge holes in his ears that had been plugged up with giant black stoppers/earrings. His poor earlobes were swinging about like string cheese. I thought, “Tim, just let him have his fun. He’s clearly suffering.”

Thankfully, my camera phone won’t be denied, even in the presence of teenagers. Herewith, forsooth, and ergo, I present to you a selection of quality photographs from the show. The guys in the hoodies are opening band Datarock.

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