Monday, August 25, 2008

Birthday Blogging: Happy Thirty-somethingth Birthday, Dani!

August 25 is a very significant day for me. Every year on this day I forget my best friend Dani Nation’s birthday. It’s a tradition begun way back in the 80s and it has been marked by many highpoints, such as in 1991 when I went away to college and called Dani on her birthday to cry and say that I hated college and wanted to die/drop out, completely forgetting that it was her special day as I spent the entire conversation talking about me and my problems, which were so much more important.

Well, Dani, this year I’m breaking with tradition. Not only am I going to call you and wish you a happy birthday ON YOUR BIRTHDAY, but I’m also blogging about it—which tells you how important I think this day is.

Happy Birthday, Dani. I’ll call you later to let you know what’s been going on with me lately.

Dani with her alien baby Beatrix in Blur-o-vision.

1 comment:

dani nation said...

thanks tim. you're the best best friend i've ever had, so far.