Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Controversial New Yorker Cover Misrepresents Size of Oval Office!

This is beyond the pale! The Oval Office is not that small. Michelle can barely sling her guns in that room! And where is Obama supposed to build a cave where he can teach his two daughters how to build IEDs?! Where is the outrage?!

Once again, it's up to SeeTimBlog to set the record straight. The correct dimensions of the Oval Office are 35' 10" (major north-south axis), 29' (minor east-west axis), and 18' 6" (height), with a 16' 7" line of rise (the point at which the celing starts to arch). Everyone knows this!

Why are the New Yorker editors and artists such liars? I mean, I understand artistic license, but this is ridiculous.

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