Sunday, May 30, 2010

Still Lost


Like all of you, I watched the two-and-a-half-hour Lost series finale last Sunday after watching the two-hour Lost recap. I started drinking during the recap, so by the time the first hour of the actual finale was over I was kinda sloshy. This meant that, though watching the finale was sure fun, when the last 10 minutes rolled around and threw me a curve ball (I thought the resolution of the sideways world was suggesting that the island world was also not real, which I realized later was not the case) I, like many people who were also drunk across this great country of ours, was not able to fully process the ending.

After a week of reading shit online and discussing things with other wiser Lost freaks and spending some quality time with myself and working things out, I was ready to watch the finale again, because I needed proper closure. Good. Lord. By the second hour I was crawling on the floor, my eyeballs popping out fresh blobs of tears in steady five-minute increments, my nose a veritable snot hose, my fingers glossed with a tear drop/snot/Cheetos mixture, my cat scavenging for Cheetos droppings in my wake.

IT WAS VERY TOUCHING OMG. Really, that finale gave me all I wanted. I didn't care to find out why Walt was so "special." I didn't care too much about what the deal with Widmore was. I didn't really have to know more about the Dharma Initiative and why women can't have babies on the island and why that psychic told Claire that she had to raise her baby and why we had to go through all that bullshit earlier in the season with the terse Japanese dude and his irritating translator and who put Alison Janney on the island and who the mother of Jacob and the Man in Black was and why Jin and Sun didn't say ANYTHING about their baby when they were getting ready to drown together and what Desmond said to Sayid when he was in the well to get Sayid to not be evil Sayid anymore and why Claire went so nuts and why Jack's dead father kept showing up whenever he damned well pleased and why Richard never took his goddamned shirt off and why the smoke monster killed Mr. Eko and why the pilot (in the pilot) had a much grislier death than anyone else killed by the smoke monster and why Evil Lock couldn't always travel as the smoke monster when he needed to move fast and what the deal was with the numbers and why Kate was still a candidate even though her name was crossed off the list.

I just needed to see Saywer and Juliet together again, lovin' on each other. And I needed to see Claire and Charlie reunited. And I needed Ben to get a shot at redemption and for Hurley to be Island Man and for Jack's story to come to a beautiful and poetic end. Basically, I needed an emotional wallop of a show that would cripple me emotionally for days, weeks, months. Success!

But of course, you can't just go on with your life after witnessing something this powerful. You absolutely must decompress. Which is why Entertainment Weekly's "Totally Lost" web series is so necessary. (See video above.) The actors playing Jacob and the Man in Black do a good job of bringing things back to earth and I love them for that.

Next up--Lost: The Complete Collection, available this August. It will look perfect on Jimmy's and my coffee table.

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Rachell Roth said...

you are SUCH a nerd. haha! i like twin peaks that much though, so I too am a nerd.