Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Todd!

Our friend Todd's birthday was yesterday and we all went to dinner last night, but I failed to do a birthday blog post for him, so here it is, a day late.

Todd, this is your fiance, Ms. Rachel Roth, doing a provocative dance with a gatefold record sleeve at the Kentucky Derby Party last Saturday after you guys went downstairs to play ping pong. The person laughing like a monkey with a megaphone is Jimmy. He's so loud because he's had more booze 'n pills 'n medical marijuana 'n echinacea than the rest of us.


Rachell Roth said...

that is one fine woman. don't know about her taste in men though...


Rachell Roth said...

now i'm on youtube! in the words of mr. burns, "excellent".