Tuesday, May 18, 2010

And the See Tim Blog Good Citizenship Award Goes To: Mom!

Folks, my mom isn't an obviously stalwart, immovable patriot and eternally selfless concerned citizen like Sarah Palin. How could she be? Not everyone can quit every position they've ever been elected to by the people so they can embark on a money-making Mean Girl whistle-stop tour of the nation's Village Idiot Conventions to display their breathtaking patriotism/lambast the popularly elected president, who is leading her us down the road to tyranny and immense personal wealth for a certifiable dingbat from books full of platitudinous nonsense sociamalism. Mom's been too busy taking care of my Dad with Alzheimers to be that much of a patriot. But she still has her moments.

Like this past weekend, when she wrote a letter to the City of Raleigh False Ordinance Program apologizing for setting off the security alarm at her house, which apparently someone keeps doing, constantly, repeatedly, over and over, forever. But Mom is a responsible citizen and she hates to think that she's gumming up Raleigh's emergency response teams' ability to deal with real problems with her constant false alarms. And even though she stops short of taking the blame for setting off the alarm herself (a contractor did it, Mom? The maid did it, Mom? [you don't have a maid!]), she should still be saluted for being an outstanding citizen and voluntarily sending the city money for taking up so much administrative time.

See her letter below. She sent me a copy, probably realizing how thrilled I would be to see her using the word "sh--" in a letter to the city government. (Mom, allow me to copyedit your next letter apologizing for setting off the alarm—for free!)

May 15, 2010

City of Raleigh
False Alarm Ordinance Program
P O Box 30609
Raleigh, N. C. 27622-0609

Dear Sir:
Last summer while we were renovating our home my contractor accidentally set off the alarm one or two times. I mailed you a check for the inconvenience and you returned it to me because you said it was a warning. My husband has alzheimers, and we’ve had several similar incidents when he set it off. Because of these situations I chose not to use my security system anymore until just recently when there was a burglary on our cul de sac.

So here I am again with the same problem. This time our maid set it off while we were out of town. I thought she fully understood how to use it.

I am so sorry for causing this problem, and you do deserve the $$ for this false alarm. My son who works for 911 continues to warn me. You certainly don’t need more false alarms with the vast amount of work you have in protecting us and our community.

With this problem constantly not resolving itself the only explanation I have is that sometimes “sh__ happens” as I have seen on many cars. Now if my children ever said that I’d wash their mouths out with soapy water! But, that is my sentiment at this time.

Thank you for all you do to keep us safe. The community does indeed owe you accolades for your dedication.

Most sincerely,

Jan Anderson


Laurie said...

Oh. My. God. I want to eat her. Go Mom!

I'm HP Wood said...

Love. this. So cute!!

Soapy water, huh? I take it she doesn't read your blog. There ain't enough soap in the world.