Monday, November 3, 2008

Yay, Victoria!

Good God, Victoria Jackson, it's you on Fox News doing comedy again!

It's been way too long since we've heard your hilarious voice. That skit in the '80s where you used to jump on Dennis Miller's Weekend Update desk and scream "I wanna be a slut!"--so relatable. You were an idol to young gay men across this great nation who had the same goal. But after you left Saturday Night Live you just disappeared. No embarrassing sitcoms, no horrible movies, no nothing. You popped up in some spooky People magazine article a few years ago in which you talk about being a Jesus crispy, but that is not what your public wants from you. What do we want? More videos like the one above!

Fox News, please make Victoria Jackson a regular pundit. Pluck her from undeserved obscurity like she was the governor of Alaska and put her on a national stage where she can bring the crazy. She's read 1984! Twice! And she loves Jesus (and pills).


charlieperry said...

It would be quite funny if Obama suddenly donned fatigues and a big cuban cigar on Wednesday. Maybe he should sneak a sly quote from the Communist Manifesto into his acceptance speech!

Andrew Violette said...
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Janet Reid said...

Did you see that other gal's face? Her mouth was literally hanging open when they pulled back to the three shot.

Well mine was too! This wasn't really serious was it??

I guess it doesn't matter NOW, thank God AND North Carolina!!