Friday, November 7, 2008

"For the First Time in My Adult Life......"

Obama Loves NC

Oh screw it, I'm not done talking about North Carolina yet. You know what? I've always been kind of proud to be from North Carolina. Not only do we have three distinct regions--the mountains, the piedmont, and the coast!--we also have a great cross section of the citizenry, from eggheaded elites to hillbilly hobos. Sure we gave the country (and the United Nations) crazy crackers like Jesse Helms, who served in the Senate for 153 years and got paid by the American people to hate black folks and be jowly. But we also gave the world Michael Jordan, James Taylor, David and Amy Sedaris, Dawson's Creek, and, you know, Superchunk. Oh! And the Squirrel Nut Zippers. (You remember them.)

We have proud traditions in North Carolina. We like our BBQ shredded and vinegary; our governors inoffensively Democratic; and our US Senators batshit crazy. (We also love ourselves some Merle Haggard with a side of hush puppies and slaw.) But honoring tradition is one thing; jumping off a sinking ship to save your life is another, and I’m so proud that my home state decided by a tiny little sliver of a margin that voting against Republicans was the only logical thing to do this year. My people sent a clear message to Washington: half of us may be retarded, but a hundredth of a percentage more of us ARE NOT, thank you very much, so get with it, flunkies!

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princess kanomanom said...

Um, so, sometimes that you're so effin' hilar makes it hard to cry, even when it's sensitive stuffs you're addressing.

But, not this time. Well-said, Timbo!

(sniffle sniffle)