Thursday, August 5, 2010


[I'm reposting this tragic story from my girl Rachel Roth's blog because the world--especially the part of it in Bushwick--needs to know.]

About 3 months ago, Todd’s brother bought us a couple bikes. It was Todd’s birthday and he thought it would be nice if Todd could ride around town…and he thought it would be nice if I could go along with him. We received them in the mail and took them down to the local shop to get them put together. We were thrilled. The last couple months have been great. We don’t pay for cabs as much, we exercise and it’s kind of an adventure everytime we decide to go for a ride.

I bought a rack, but that wasn’t working so hot so Todd bought me a basket to attach to it for my birthday. That was 2 weeks ago. I had finally gotten my bike just the way I wanted it…and hills were seeming easier to get up daily. Last night I even put my records in it and went to dj.

So today I had to go to the drugstore and figured I would ride. It is not far, but bikes are faster than feet. I got my drugs and was right near the giant supermarket Food Bazaar so I decided to go there. This place is the size of a GD Sam’s Club and they have everything…and since I now have a basket, I can get anything and not have to carry it home…little did I know….

I moseyed on up to the Food Bazaar and looked for a place to park. In our ghetto neighborhood there is always a kind of barrier around a supermarket. It is made of metal and it’s there so the douchebag thieves can’t steal the shopping carts. At this particular store, cars back up to the gate so customers can load their groceries with ease, so the only good place to park was off to the side, out of the way. I tied the chain around the METAL gate and through BOTH tires, hooking together both ends with my U-lock, and attaching my helmet to it, removed my seat and went inside. 20 minutes later my bike was gone. Nothing remained. And when I say nothing, I mean NOTHING. Not even any GD metal chards. How the fuck did they get through my lock and chain and leave no evidence?!?!? How is it that the tens of twenties of people outside didn’t see anything?!?!? It’s 3 o’clock in the afternoon people! You saw nothing?!?!? Can you tell I am livid?

If you see my bike, please email me! If you live in Brooklyn, please repost! Thanks.

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Rachell Roth said...

thank you, my friend. i believe my bikes parts were sold for crack rocks.