Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back from the Brink

No, I didn't go to Hawaii, Obama's fake hometown. I went to the NC coast. But being so close to this refrigerator magnet in my brother's kitchen in Raleigh really made me feel like I was in Hawaii.

I took this picture mere minutes before being told by my brother that my momma is now officially a birther. She has Internet knowledge from the email that tells her there's a Kenyan preacher who is going to drop a bomb and prove once and for all that Obama is a half-breed Muslin who was born in Kenya, not a half-breed Muslin that was born in Hawaya. (In mom's defense, she didn't say it in these words; the Internet did.)

THIS IS DISAPPOINTING. I spent the entire autumn of 2008 debunking every stupid lie about Obama that mom was forwarded by the Listserv of Hysteria that she belongs to. I even had her agreeing that Sarah Palin was "probably" not ready to be president. What happened? Socialism, I guess.

If mom starts calling herself a "Mama Grizzly" I will cut my ears off.


jimmy said...

I don't really understand how someone can believe the son of god magically appeared in some lady's womb but can not believe that Obama was born in Hawaii.

Laurie said...

How the hell did we escape that way of thinking? All of mom's friend's children on on board with it. We must be terribly disappointing.