Friday, August 20, 2010

Oh Nos! Ann Coulter's Neck Dropped From an Event!

Folks, you probably recall the recent announcement that Ann Coulter's Neck will be headlining a gay Republican event in NYC next month. This was very exciting news because it's August and there's no other news.

Well, in a recent and related development, the Neck has been disinvited from another crazy Republican party. Do you guys know World Net Daily? It's the magical place where all of those feverish, clammy, paranoid right-wing emails your mother and your mother's friends keep forwarding to you are created, out of bile, bloody stool, and animal skins. Anyway, these well adjusted comedians are having a Taking Back America conference in Miami, also taking place next month, but in a gayer city. And they are no longer interested in having America's best phallus appear at their event. Why is that? Is it because Ann Coulter's Neck is a secret Muslin? Does the Neck support a Muslin community center near Ground Zero? Is it a socialist Neck?

No! It's, duh, because by showing up at a gay event the Neck is tacitly supporting the gays (but only Republican the gays). And that's not going to help the furries at World Net Daily take America back.

Obviously this kick in the Adam's apple will not be taken lying down. I have no doubt that any minute now America's favorite Neck will hoist up that stringy blonde mop of a head and set it in front of some cable news camera or other so it can just stone cold start talking shit. Hurry up, Neck!

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