Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Today in NYC Street Signals

Everyone knows that all New Yorkers need to be flipped off at least once a day. We deserve it! But sometimes you just get tired from flipping people off all the time, you know? It's hard work, keeping up with all the assholes you see everyday who need to be told to go fuck themselves, repeatedly.

Well now some merry prankster has decided to help us all out with the telling of the people to shove it up their fucking bungholes—by sprinkling some pixie dust at several pedestrian signals along 3rd Street, turning the blinking red hands telling you to stop, motherfucker into (semi) permanent bird flippers. Genius.

Now instead of having to spend so much time signaling to our fellow New Yorkers that they can fucking suck it, dickwad, we can all spend more time doing more important things with our hands as we walk down the street, like giving each other Hand Dingos.

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