Monday, April 26, 2010

Laydeez I Love: Paula Poundstone

Paula Poundstone is a national treasure. She dressed like a blogger decades before there were bloggers! One of the reasons I was so sad that my company changed health insurances last year was because the endocrinologist I wouldn't be able to go to anymore looked exactly like her. You don't find many doctors like that. (Plus she never asked me to keep a blood sugar diary.)

As you know, Paula is periodically on the NPR show Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, and last Saturday she was on. She proved her worth to the universe during the "Not My Job" segment, during which she had the following exchange with Buster Olney, an ESPN Magazine sports journalist and baseball obsessive:

Paula: Can I ask you a question? Is there a point at which you've said everything that can be said about baseball?

Buster: Absolutely not! There's a new game, a new story every day!

Paula: (not even trying to sound convinced) Yeah.

Listen to it. The exchange starts around the four-minute mark:

Now, before all y'all start calling me a gaywad for wanting to say "amen" to her question, let me ask you: how many of YOU hit a home run in Little League, hmmm? Cause I did, so hush up.

Also be assured I would ask the same type of question--substituting the word clothes for baseball--if I were to interview Tim Gunn from Project Runway.

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Wood Family said...

Sorry for the late comment. But I have another Not My Job exchange to share, between Paula and (who else?) Chuck Todd. Transcribed from bad memory:

Chuck: [talking about how he was obsessed with politics as a teenager] I was dreaming of being a state representative at one point, planning my campaign, figuring out how to go door-to-door, all that stuff...

Paula: I have a question. What to you mean "FIGURE OUT how to go door-to-door"?

Chuck: All right, all right....

Paula: I'd say that after you knock on one door, you go to the next one!

Chuck: Well, but! Do you cross the street or do you go right next door? How are you going to tackle the streets?