Monday, April 12, 2010

Creepy Chinese Propaganda Poster of the Day

Yikes, y'all, this poster is the stuff of nightmares. Where did I get this godawful thing again? I think on the New Republic site, which obviously makes the New Republic an accomplice to terror and they should be waterboarded by the Tea Party Patriots 183 times.

Trying to determine what is most creepy about this poster is a challenge, certainly. Is it the fact that the mom and dad in the picture both look about 12 years old? Is it that they also look like Stepford Muppets? Could it be because the little baby seems to be casting a spell that he can only conjure by touching his parents' downy cheeks at the same time and saying "Chairman Mao" backwards three times? Could be. Or perhaps it's all of that plus the fact that THERE IS A TERRIFYING DEMON-EYED PANDA ON THE BABY'S OVERALLS THAT WILL LIKELY EAT YOUR FACE OFF AND SHIT IT DOWN YOUR THROAT AS SOON AS YOU CLOSE YOUR EYES TONIGHT? Maybe?

I'm sitting here wracking my brain trying to think of a way that this image could be any more distressing and spooky. Is it humanly possible? I can't think of anyth— wait a minute...

There we go.

Sleep tight!

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