Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What Exactly Is It—Besides That Thing in Her Hair—That Makes Meghan McCain a Republican?

I didn't pay much attention to Meghan McCain and her dumb blogging during the campaign because I was too terrified that her father would win the election, which I guess would have made her the First Blogger, at least until Vice President Palin shot her from a helicopter or something. I still don't pay that much attention to her (I never read her Daily Beast column, because life is too short already), but that doesn't mean she's not going to insert herself into my life, day after day, looking all adorable on the teevee. (Sorry, but she's cute.)

What I really don't get is... what exactly makes Meghan McCain a Republican? She's pro-life but believes in the right to choose, she loves the gays, she can't stand Ann Coulter and Laura Ingram, she's admitted to Rachel Maddow (when asked about whether she thinks a spending freeze would be a good idea) that she doesn't really understand the economy or numbers and stuff, so she's not a fiscal ideologue. So what does she believe in that classifies her as a Republican? Low taxes? Screwing teenage boys? Truck nutz?

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