Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This Young Gay Has Had It

I'm in awe of young guys like this, who, at age 17 (!), are channelling their energies into talking about getting married. In public forums! With freaking cameras! Then going back to school the next day! Jesus. When I was 17, I hadn't even said the word "gay" out loud, so beside myself with self-loathing was I, furiously jerking off to the cover of the Smiths' self-titled first album, and then telling myself I'd never do it again. Every. Night. (I was so passionate back then.)

Respect to guys like Whatshisname from Vermont above. He deserves a hand job from the captain of the football team or something.


Aurélio Araújo said...

Wow, I got bedazzled after watching such a brave guy perform such a powerful speech.

I totally agree with him. Like he said, if one feels insecure for being homosexual, others will feel insecure, as well and will also make you feel as if you were inferior to them.

Bravo! The only word I can use to describe this amazing speech.

Anonymous said...

I am realtively new at this gay business. Do you believe that fact that a shirtless muscular man with some chest hair gives me an errection may indicate that I AM gay? I have lived with a 25 year old man for two years. We share the same bed. I am not out. And I am a male escort/dancer/stripper. Do you think I am gay?

Just curious - Shane NYC