Monday, March 9, 2009

International Women's Day Message from Woman Picking Flowers in Amritsar, India: "The F**k You Looking At?"

This beautiful Indian woman, plucking flowers in her hometown to sell in her local market ahead of International Women’s Day, has a message for the citizens of the first world as our thoughts turn to women’s issues and what we can do to address them worldwide: The f**k are you looking at?

Indeed, this woman is kind of tired of being followed around by AP photographers just so they can get their award-worthy photo of a woman in the developing world doing something suitably second world-y, like picking flowers, carrying baskets of fruit on her head, or staring excitedly at a computer screen wondering what the heck she’s looking at. Yeah, she’s picking flowers, and the flowers are beautiful, so what? You ain't got flowers in your country? Yes, she's sporting a gorgeous headscarf--do they not stock them in your neighborhood yet? She’s got a cell phone, too, but no, she’s not going to use it while your goddamn camera lens is pointing at her because she’s not your performing monkey. She’ll text her friends later. A**hole.

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