Tuesday, March 31, 2009

93 Cats Just Stone Cold Chillin' at Crazy Cat Lady's New Jersey Home for Feral and Breeding Felines

Proving once again that all the best things happen in New Jersey, WCBS-TV is reporting on a "house of filth" in Chester Township, where 93 cats and one dog were found in a mansion in a million dollar neighborhood and, according to one SPCA person, "The conditions were absolutely horrific - there wasn't one inch of the house that wasn't covered in feces or urine."

I don't see the big deal. Jimmy and I share an apartment that could sometimes be described that way. And our cat Stella is the happiest cat you could ever meet who has a giant bulbous but benign cyst hanging from the side of her head.

Jimmy and I want to adopt the one smack in the middle of the above picture. We love a cat that can do a good hen pose.

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