Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Gift That Keeps on Asking for Money

You know, everyone is so poor these days that when freebies are offered on the street, on the train, or in the bathroom stall, you obviously just take them. Am I right? Anyway, lately I’m so desperate to get something for free that I did a double take when I received my daily email from the increasingly tedious Obama campaign this morning with the subject heading “The Gift of Change.”

“Finally,” I thought. “An email from Barry that’s not asking for money. So what am I getting?”

Alas, if I want the above limited edition Obama coffee mug, I’m going to have to steal one of Jimmy’s paintings and sell it on eBay, that site where Sarah Palin sold her Alaskan airplane or helicopter or whatever and where Obama’s current senate seat is the hot item of the week.

I think the abstract one he did of me arm wrestling a penguin should command a pretty decent price. Maybe I can buy two coffee mugs.


Unknown said...

Fifteen dollars isn't so bad if you think how much that same mug would go for in a public radio pledge drive.

Poor Jimmy, I'm sure that painting would fetch more than two mugs.

Muzzle Mammoth said...

If you really want to splurge on the gift of change, spring for the senate seat.

You could sell Jimmy's whole collection to buy the seat, and once you're a powerful senator, you can campaign for Jimmy the Artist and raise the (commercial) value of his paintings enough to pay for your reelection campaign.

Sorry, Jimmy.

Anonymous said...