Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mom Visits NYC, Does Whatever She Damn Well Pleases

My mom visited me in NYC last weekend and made lots of friends.

Now, mom is not shy and she believes everyone could use a "hello, how are you?" every now and again. She is perfectly comfortable beaming a friendly "good morning" to the drooling old Polish lady hanging her head out of her second floor window all zombie-like in my neighborhood in Greenpoint. It's just good manners.

She is also comfortable stepping over a bunch of wires at Union Square subway station to sing with a pair of surprised Mexicans, forcing herself on some Santas in Rockefeller Plaza, and demanding a free ride on a man dressed as a reindeer. And why the hell not?!

Moms are awesome. (Except for Jimmy's. She's got snakes for hair and thinks that our 11-year relationship is somehow less legitimate than each of her 27 awful marriages. Anyway......)

There was a Santa convention in town (for real) and Mom invited herself.

Mom never makes such a big deal when I play the lute.

I'm not sure if she told him she was Mrs. Clause, a doe, or a cute elf.

That's the exact same look I used to give her when I was his age!

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Edmund said...

You Mom looks like she had a blast! She is ridiculously cute!!
The Mexicans and the reindeer pictures are hilarious!