Monday, December 1, 2008

Economic Downturn Hits Cindy Crawford

Some folks are better equipped to handle a great depression than others. I, for one, will probably be fine once I lose my job and have to start turning tricks for cash and chocolate. Because when it comes to economic matters, I'm 100% my father's son. I keep very close watch on my money: I rarely buy CDs new, generally preferring to wait until someone else is done with theirs; I consider K & S Cafeteria a 'fancy' restaurant; and I can treat the dried yellow flakes left on the bottom and sides of a pan after frying or scrambling an egg as leftovers if I need to. Point is: I'm cheap and live like an immigrant college student, so I won't be jumping from a tall downtown building the next time the Dow drops 1000 points or whatever; I'll probably just go to the store to stock up on Cup Noodle and steal some coins out of the "take a penny/leave a penny" cup.

But some folks will surprise you with how well equipped they are to deal with a cratering economy. And one of those folks is surely former supermodel and giant mole-wearer Cindy Crawford. The poor thing has had to take a job at some fast food joint in LA, God love her. But she still looks great and has that customer service thing down. I don't remember when I've ever ordered onion rings from someone this attractive. Best of all, she's already a management trainee!


Shimmy said...

What's next? Ann Coulter takes a job at a slaughterhouse?

Unknown said...

Poor Cindy. I really would have thought her Rooms to Go gig would have paid the bills. But who can afford new furniture?

jimmy said...

I heard she got fired from that job.

Muzzle Mammoth said...


'Cuz there was a picture of her in People carrying a $9,000 bag.

(At least according to the People blurb. I personally don't know what a $9,000 bag looks like, though I do wonder how many of those you can buy with the wages of a fast food worker.)

jimmy said...

Really. People front all the time.