Monday, December 15, 2008

Snowy German Owl Doesn't Believe You

This may come as a shock to you, but this snowy owl, who lives at a zoo in Duisburg, Germany, doesn't believe a word you're saying. I know you think you’re presenting a pretty convincing case, but this white owl, for one, is not fooled. He wasn’t born yesterday, you see, so a lot of the double talk and downright pablum that you’re employing to drive home your point just aren’t going to work with him.

I would suggest trying again after spending a little time refining your argument and perhaps thinking of some better examples to back up the pretty fantastical ideas you are suggesting. Maybe use some visual aids, like a Power Point presentation? (Owls generally respond well to those.)

Also, it’s really hard to take you seriously when you’re wearing a clown costume. You should probably put on a collared shirt and some khakis, at the very least.


Andrea said...

Tim, you're so funny. The owl does have a look of stern suspicion.

It's Andrea Spivey. I used to work with you at the Black Dog. I found a link to your blog on Karen's MySpace. Hope you're doing well. I'm enjoying reading your blog.

Kelly said...

And speak in German, why don't you. That owl doesn't understand a word of English.

Anonymous said...