Thursday, February 10, 2011

Vestments Update: They Now Come in Green!

Like all of you, I sometimes find myself walking the freezing New York streets in the middle of winter, clad in the drab clothing I used to wear in the mines, desperate for the warm glow of some reassuring fashion. And there is no clothing more glamorous and reassuring than vestments, am I right? Which is why I was so thrilled to come upon the above window display on 7th Avenue. Have you ever seen a saucier display of liturgical garments? No, you haven't.

I can't tell you the number of times I've opened my closet door in the morning and looked in vain for a cassock-and-stole vestment combo that didn't make me weep with boredom. Not anymore. This store on "Fashion Avenue" has made my winter a little bit warmer. Because I hear they also have lycra Mormon temple garments and yamulkes made of chocolate.

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Richard said...

Place has incredible suff in those windows now! Three green costumes looking like made for civilian martians in the window nearest the corner. And a male liturgical dress with a capelike addition in the most awful color ever created. The stuff you show is tasteful by comparison. Hurry and take a look before they change tge display.